5 April 2008

A crowd of about 1,000, monks and lay-Tibetans, marched from Mintso Monastery saying prayers for those killed in protests. Several hundred armed police stopped the march and opened fire on the crowd; at least 15 were seriously injured. Before phone contact was cut, a witness reported, “Please tell the world what we are doing here and that the Chinese are waging a violent crackdown”

At Lingque Temple, Drango County at least 400 monks, nomads, local residents and students held a peaceful prayer ceremony. As the crowd grew police became anxious and ordered the ceremony to a halt, but the participants refused to leave and the stand-off lasted for several hours. At one point, the 62 police opened fire to disperse the protesters, who were demanding the return of the Dalai Lama; about ten people were wounded.

Chinese security forces prevented a group of monks from Nyatso Monastery, Tawo County, from carrying out a candlelight vigil cum Buddhist ritual for Tibetans who died in the recent protests. Chinese security forces fired on the monks, killing and injuring at least three of them.