10 March 2008 saw the start of a wave of sustained protests across Tibet by thousands of Tibetans who rose up against China’s brutal occupation. Large and small protests swept across the Tibetan Plateau with a force unseen since Beijing crushed freedom demonstrations in 1989, and continued for the remainder of the year with more than 150 documented across the Tibetan Plateau. The overwhelming majority of the protests were non-violent in nature.

The 2008 Tibetan Uprising heralded a new wave of resistance among Tibetans in Tibet to which China has responded with a wholesale and deeply disturbing crackdown, permeating Tibetans’ everyday lives with its security apparatus and violating a wide range of human rights.

Protests have continued on a regular basis, albeit less frequently, ever since March 2008 and the Global Tibet Movement has responded by building a number of strong campaigns to work in solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet, pushing our governments to support Tibet and building pressuring China directly.

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International Tibet Network
International Tibet Network8 hours ago
Tashi Wangchuk, an innocent Tibetan shopkeeper and language advocate, has been in prison since 2016 for a crime he did not commit.

After featuring in a New York Times report, in which he publicly called for Tibetan language rights, Tashi was detained by Chinese authorities, tortured, and later tried on false charges of ‘inciting separatism’.

He was sentenced to five year in prison.

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https://freetashi.org/ #FreeTashi #FreeTibetanHeroes #HumanRightsDefenders #Tibetan #LanguageRights
International Tibet Network
International Tibet Network
International Tibet Network1 day ago
In #Tibet, China’s system of control has seen many arrested and accused of “crimes” such as showing a Tibetan flag, having images of the Dalai Lama, or speaking in support of Tibetan language rights. ,

Sondhya Gupta, from SumOfUs, said that Apple has twisted itself into a knot of hypocrisy.....Corporations and governments alike have long argued that it’s by trading with repressive regimes we can challenge them on human rights and improve the lives of people living under their rule. But it’s clear that this is far from reality. The Chinese Government seems to have been emboldened, not chastened, by Apple’s willingness to do business with it.”

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