17 March 2008

At Serthar, eastern Tibet, around 2,000 staged a peaceful blockage of military trucks carrying soldiers to the area. The protesters shouted “Long Live the Dalai Lama” and the soldiers were withdrawn. In other areas protests continued, many quashed by the arrival of hundreds of paramilitary personnel. Thousands of protesters from Charo, Meruma, Mani Nunnery, Gomang and Sewu monasteries marched towards Ngaba town. Another source reported that the protestors were holding the corpses of Tibetans killed during the protest of 16 March. Demonstrations broke out in Dechen County and Golog, Amdo, with hundreds of monks and lay-Tibetans protesting against China’s rule. Thousands more paramilitary personnel were airlifted to the area by helicopters to deal with the protests. 

“The most substantial Tibetan unrest for 20 years”

Tania Branigan, The Guardian